Dance Workshops

What would a Bal Folk festival be without its dance workshops? Quite boring we thought and reserved two halls from the second day onward. Workshops will be from 1 to 3 pm. Time to wake up, have breakfast and learn! :-) Last year, lovely people were willing to share their knowledge. We thank Pedro (body isolation), Ralf & Lena (Polska), Charlotte & Judy (Tango Argentino), Martin (Contact Improvisation for bal folk dancers), François (the space in dance or learning by trying) and Manon & Hugo (co-leading or free improvisation included in couple dances). Without your effort and your contribution our first New Year’s Eve festival would have not been the same! :-)

We are happy to invite you to run a workshop and to enrich our festival program. If this sounds good to you, contact us via:

Music Workshops

From the second day onwards, we offer music workshops from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. We are still devising the detailed program. But Marion & Steve and Jérémie from Kaz Kan Zie will run ensemble workshops for all instruments. Pascal from Knep will be giving a workshop on playing together and musical arrangements. Kris and Tim from Nubia instead will be creating lyrics to bal folk tunes with you. With them you can have fun even without an instrument. Andreas Bothe will be giving a workshop for the diatonic button accordion.
One the last day in the evening all the participants can give a presentation of their new skills to the other guests of the festival.

Please, register for the instrumental workshop of your choice right away, when you buy your ticket, because places are limited. Also note that Marion & Steve will be teaching parallel to Kris & Tim and Jérémie will be teaching parallel to Pascal. You'll have to choose. :-)