Our New Year’s Eve festival is a little holiday at the end of the year to spend the last days of the year with friends and good music. This holiday does not only include the evening balls but also a warm sleeping place and delicious meals. Therefore, prices are higher than for the regular summer camping festivals. The money is worth it: you get 5 totally stress-free days while you can enjoy and participate in the fantastic community and its familiarity entirely.

Our festival is a non-profit event. Every Euro is used to pay for the sleeping places, the food and the music.

We will announce the prices at a later time.

Booking and payment

The booking is only valid if the whole fee or a deposit of 40.00 Euros is transferred to our bank account within 5 days. The bank account details will be included in the booking confirmation. If you started with a deposit, the residual amount must arrive on our bank account until 1st November. If the remaining booking fee is not transferred to our bank account until 1st November, we will keep the commission and cancel your booking. If your inscription is cancelled within one month or up to 15 days before the event, we will keep 50 % of the paid amount as handling fee. Within 14 days before the event rescission is not accepted.

The booking may be assigned to another person. Name and contact information (email address + phone number) and the ticket number must be transferred to us.

What is included in the ticket?

The most important of all questions! :-) As guests of our festival you will get a sleeping place, as ordered, in the youth hostel and free meals. 2 meals on the day you arrive, 3 on every full day and 1 meal on the day you are leaving. Some more details are listed on the page "accommodation".
Also included, of course, is the entrance to all balls, music and dance workshops. Entrance to music workshops is limited. You must register in advance while ordering your ticket.


In opposition to some other festivals we have a very pronounced discount system in Leipzig and Colditz to ensure that everybody, regardless of income, can attend the events of our association. On our regular evening balls throughout the year we already switched to a "pay what you want"-system. But we're not ready to apply this experiment to our biggest festival.

Entitled for the -33% reduction are: pupils, students and trainees from 14 to 27 years, pensioners and unemployed persons.

Entitled for the -50% reduction are: owners of city- or family passes, persons with a serious impairment as well as their assistive personnel and children from 2 to 13. (City- or family passes are certificates to prove a low income and are used to get reduced prices at museums, concerts etc. in Germany. They might also exist in your country.)

Small children, who have not reached their second birthday, pay no charge.

All discount entitlements have to be shown on arrival at the festival. If you can't do that, you will have to pay the full price. No additional volunteers will be needed at the festival. There is no possibility to get a discount that way. Also, there are no special discounts for members of our association.

Solidarity Tickets

While planning the price structure of the festival, we had in mind, that our friends from countries east of Germany have a lower income. Our solution for that is the solidarity ticket. It's a discounted ticket for people that might not be eligible for one of our regular discounts but can't afford a ticket at full price.

The solidarity ticket is financed through voluntary donations from other guests. We ask everybody to donate, who is able to spend more than required, either by not using a discount that they might be eligible for or by donating a little bit more on top.

We will start selling these tickets on the 1st October and on the 1st day of each following months. The number of solidarity tickets depends on the sum of donations made by others.

Despite, it being an idea for our eastern friends, everybody can book a solidarity ticket regardless of origin. The solidarity tickets are unconditional. You decide yourself, whether you book one or not. We won't judge or ask questions.
We hope that this idea helps those, that would not want to forego a holiday with their friends.