We have the whole youth hostel at our disposal, which means that you can reserve either a bed in one of the bedrooms or a place for you and your sleeping bag in a spacious dorm.

The bedrooms are provided with a separate bathroom, shower and toilet. Four to six dancers can stay in one room. At registration you can indicate with whom you would like to share the room. Bedding will be provided by the hostel, but you will have to bring your own towels etc.

The dorms will accommodate many people, so donít forget your ear plugs. Bathroom and toilet are on the corridor. The dorms are not provided with a shower but usually the people who stay in the bedrooms are happy to share their showers if they are asked. You will have to bring your own sleeping bag and mattress.


Everyone knows this: the session was way too good, to leave before 5 am but you are supposed to eat breakfast only 3 hours later. Definitely not our philosophy. We, ourselves like to sleep in and therefore breakfast will be served from 9 am to 2 pm. In this way, we make both happy, early birds as well as late risers. The warm main meal will then be served before the evening balls between 6 and 8 pm. Afterwards, you can get a late supper at the buffet at 10 pm.

For our earthís and all humanís sake all meals will be vegetarian. If you are vegan, celiac, allergic or you follow religious diet restrictions, please tell us about it precisely when you book your ticket. The only exception will be the big buffet on New Yearís Eve. It will include everything the wonderful hostel kitchen has to offer. On the 1st of January, we will finish off with an extended brunch.

During the entire festival it will be possible to buy beverages via our cash box of trust. All prices are cheap. Please, fill in the list with your name, mark every beverage you bought and pay at the end of the festival. Of course, you can also bring your own drinks. Just, in the ballroom only water is allowed to avoid damages to the wooden floor.