Arquèthi presents a best of Auvergne tunes on stage. The band snuggles the music from centre France with love, passion and style. Amandine Pauvert, Camille Stimbre und Noé Bazoge - hurdy gurdy, violin and violoncello – bring traditional Auvergne tunes to life and sing of love, friendship and sorrow.

Amandine Pauvert – hurdy gurdy, voice
Noé Bazoge – violoncello, voice
Camille Stimbre – violin, voice


© Samuel Lagneau

From compositions to reinterpretations of traditional melodies, Bargainatt invites you to discover their modern yet authentic universe. The musicians draw inspiration from the dances of different regions of France close to their hearts, trying to respect their subtleties and traditions as much as possible.
From Auvergne to Brittany, via Poitou and Gascony, Bargainatt offers you a journey of many colours and influences, full of energy and freshness.

Camille Stimbre – violin, voice
Youmi Bazoge – violin, voice
Noé Bazoge – violoncello, voice
Léon Ollivier – accordeon, voice


In Diatocello, the diatonic accordion of folk musician Amélie Denarié (Les Zéoles, Le Manège, Bodoq) meets the cello of jazz musician Mathieu Mitéran (Metismatic, Serüven, Maa Julu). The interplay between the two is guided by the desire to merge the musical worlds from which they both come. They enter into dialogue with each other and find the right balance of well-controlled musical explorations and danceable energy. Their musical encounter is at the service of a gentle and harmonious journey through an original repertoire of music to dance AND to listen to.

Amélie Denarié – accordeon
Mathieu Mitéran – violoncello

Duo l'Hêtre Heureux

Copyright Laurent Libessart

Duo l'Hêtre Heureux is a new folk duo of clarinet and guitar. They played in public for the first time in July 2019 at the last festival in Gennetines. They had a lot planned and then came C... But they have made the most of the last few months and worked a lot. You can expect couple dance loving BalFolk/NeoTrad tunes. In their compositions of instrumentals and songs, they create a joyful and poetic universe that brings together both beginners and experienced dancers on the floor.

Léo Proulx – clarinet
Olivier Valence – guitar

Rokkende Vrouwen

De Rokkende Vrouwen is a folk duo with a strong love for Flemish music. Together, pianist and singer Hilde Van Belle and violinist and singer Lore Vancauwenberghe dust off old Flemish and Dutch songs and transform them into new works full of timeless power and tenderness. Here and there, Scandinavian influences also enchant and invite you on a shared journey to enjoy, dance and dream through time and space.

Lore Vancauwenberghe – violin, voice
Hilde Van Belle – piano, voice

Montanaro / Cavez

As a highly talented and hard-working young self-taught accordionist, Sophie has made a name for herself in the world of keyboard music. By leading her own projects (KV Express many have surely heard) and making her talent available to others, she has spread a new diatonic sound on Belgian and international stages in recent years that combines power, charm and sensitivity. Together with other musicians she brings this special energy to our stage.

Sophie Cavez – accordeon
Baltazar Montanaro – violin

KV Express

KV Express creates a powerful, festive and yet sensitive universe. Sophie Cavez's own compositions are played, leaving plenty of room for improvisation on accordion and bass. The instruments intertwine with each other, just as the feet and ears move to the music and rush from one song to the next.

Sophie Cavez – accordeon
Bo Waterschoot – bass


Photo Kipi Kipisme

Camille and Léon have been friends since their youth and have shared a passion for playing together since they met. Whether on stage or in their living room, these two musicians never miss an opportunity to make music.
Their music has grown with them over the years, leading them to a rich repertoire of compositions, cover versions, diverse research and creative novelties. Their framed universe skilfully combines their own compositions with their passion for the folk traditional music of the French Massif Central.
With great freshness they change from a beautiful neo-folk mazurka to a typical Auvergne bourrée, from an energetic cercle circassien to a well done Scottish.
Harmony and cadence, all in a dynamic that makes both the ears and the feet dance.

Camille Stimbre – violin
Léon Ollivier – accordeon, pipes


Geronimo is the solo project of Jeroen Geerinck (Snaarmaarwaar, Hot Griselda, Spilar). He is a musician and record producer active in the Belgian folk scene. He is best known for adding a good dose of energy to the sound of the bands he plays in. As a record producer and studio technician, he also has a lot of experience in producing folk albums and is always keen to bring in new flavours.
"Geronimo" is a kind of playground where he can take the experiment of mixing genres further than ever before, because no compromises are necessary on a solo album.

Jeroen Geerinck – guitar, loopstation

Hartwin Dhoore

We know Hartwin because he plays in numerous ensembles. But when he is alone on stage, he fills the room with his very special charm. He enchants us with his tunes, touching, romantic, rousing, exhilarating, we surrender to his diatonic magic and every cell in us dances.

Hartwin Dhoore – accordeon


Flanders... eternal vastness, only single windmills block the way to the ocean. Otherwise, Flanders is still known for Hartwin and Jeroen, who probably found each other somewhere between the sea and windmills and got stuck together with their instruments. Good for us, because that's how they also found their way to us. Neo Trad full of power and feeling. Worthwhile!

Jeroen Geerinck – guitar, loopstation
Hartwin Dhoore – accordeon

L'air inconnu

Photo Thomas Noble

L'air inconnu is a complicit and creative musical trio that serves the traditional dance of today, the curious ears, and the wild and domestic animals or plants.
Their compositions and arrangements of traditional themes are inspired by emotions and strong sensations experienced at balls and festivals: Joy of the encounter, intimate poetry, virulence of sound, energy of moving bodies, collective trance...

Dani Velasco – violin
Fabien Bucher – guitar, mandolin
Sylvain Pool – accordeon


Photo Danielle Fourchaud

Cam&Leo are two young musicians who are not playing for us for the first time in Colditz. Both are inspired by the cultures of the world to create their own music. They want to share their universe with us and make us dance. Sounds from Bulgaria, South America and also Bretange connect them seamlessly in a journey full of their own compositions, improvisations, hugs and a whole lot of lightness and good humor.

Léo Danais – hang, congas, bongos, voice
Camille Heim – harp, voice

Gambetta / Caputo

Filippo Gambetta and Sergio Caputo bring – which should come as no surprise here – dance music full of passion and love for detail to the mosaic parquet of the castle. They bring polkas, scottishs and bourrées in the colours of North African and Mediterranean music in their luggage. Some of it trad, some of it handwritten by them. What does that sound like? No idea! We'll only find out on the dance floor.

Filippo Gambetta – accordeon
Sergio Caputo – violin


Five days of music, from the beginning to the end, from the first up to the last floor – and you – right in the middle of it all or only for you. Music and ensemble workshops will be awaiting you. Rehearsal rooms will want to be filled and fulfilled with the sound of your ideas.

Alas, take your flutes, hurdy gurdies and accordions, violins, guitars and pianos, rattles, boxes and spoons! Take your feet, hands and voices and make music! For you, for us, for everyone; from breakfast ‘til session! :-)