Castle Colditz thrones, as a real castle must, on a hill in the northern part of Colditz. The official address is:

Schlossgasse 1, 04680 Colditz, Germany

Arrival by public transport:

Get off the bus at the stop "Colditz/Sportplatz" (Colditz/sports field). On the map below the way to the castle is indicated. Follow the Nicolaistraße to the market, then walk up the castle staircase uphill.

Since public transportation does not run very often on holidays and on the weekends, we offer the possibility to collect you at one of the nearby train stations. We offer this service to all those that would be waiting for too long in the cold or whose suitcase is to heavy to be carried uphill to the castle. We prefer to collect you at the train station in Bad Lausick or at the bus stop Colditz/Sportplatz. The price for the ride to and from the train station is 20 Euros. It is possible to share the costs with other passengers. We advise you to team up with others and go in groups. Please, send any questions or bookings for this service to

At you can find the bus schedules.

Arrival by car:

Near the castle is a parking area. In the nearby streets are further parking spaces. To unload your luggage, you can drive up and park directly in front of the entrance. But permanent parking will not be allowed in the entrance area due to fire safety regulations.

In case you use a GPS, please note the following: Due to municipal restructurings; the GPS might lead you to another nearby castle. Please check your destination carefully. We also advise you to use a map for the last metres in order to find a good parking space.

Here is a map of Colditz. We marked the parking area and the entrance. Click on it to access a bigger version.